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American employers seeking to fill open positions with foreign nationals must first show that there are no American workers who are “qualified, willing and able” to fill the position. They do that by filing a Labor Condition Application that specifies the job description, salary, length of employment and geographic location with the Department of Labor.

This process is called labor certification (“PERM” refers to the online system the Department of Labor (DOL) uses to accept and track labor certification applications.) Once DOL issues the labor certification notice, the employer is free to hire a foreign worker. Assuming all goes well, it usually takes two to three months to obtain labor certification approval.

Employers seeking to obtain labor certification and comply with DOL regulations face many potential obstacles and pitfalls. They can benefit from the assistance of an immigration law firm experienced in such matters.

At, we have provided labor certification advice and services to a number of corporations, both large and small. Our clients appreciate our thorough, detailed approach and the responsive service we provide. Our goal in every case is to achieve labor certification in a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

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PERM Audits

Nowadays it is common for companies with labor certification to be subject to PERM audits. But though a PERM audit is routine, your company could face costly fines or lose its certification if your company fails to pass the audit. The attorneys at advise and represent corporate clients in PERM audit matters. We will work diligently to protect your certification and minimize any potential consequences.

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