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Helping You Become an American Citizen

For many people, becoming an American citizen is a cherished dream. At, we help make those dreams a reality by providing advice, services and representation.

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How We Can Help in Royal Oak, Michigan, will be your partner during the citizenship process, seeking to obtain your citizenship goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our naturalization attorneys can:

  • Explain the citizenship and naturalization process
  • Identify any potential roadblocks to citizenship
  • Help you deal with any issues arising from an arrest, outstanding warrant or criminal conviction
  • Prepare your citizenship application and supporting documents
  • Coach you regarding the required citizenship test that covers U.S. history and government
  • Provide assistance in obtaining green cards for your immediate family members after you become a U.S. citizen

Have You Been Arrested or Convicted of a Crime?

The existence of a criminal record can be a major roadblock to naturalization. If you have an arrest, outstanding warrant or conviction on your record, you should speak with an attorney before moving forward with your citizenship application.

Our firm can review your situation as it relates to the requirements for naturalization. We can also discuss possible obstacles to citizenship and actions we may be able to take that could remove those obstacles. It may be possible to revisit outstanding arrests or convictions, in order to clean up your record. This can clear the way for citizenship. Our firm can refer you to an experienced criminal defense attorney with whom we can coordinate efforts on your behalf. Get legal help today.

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