Temporary Employment Visa Under The H-1B Program

The H-1B program is an opportunity for U.S. employers to bring the talent they need to their businesses from abroad on a temporary basis. Potential candidates involve those with highly specialized theoretical or practical knowledge and skills. A good example of the benefits of this program is the collaboration of major U.S. information technology companies with highly skilled and qualified foreign professionals working in the U.S., thanks to this program.

Occupations That May Be Eligible For A H-1B Program

U.S. employers may consider the option to bring highly specialized foreign professionals to their businesses for a short period, provided the skills are unavailable domestically. Foreign professionals in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are among the most common occupations allowed under the H-1B program.

STEM professionals, however, may be required to hold certain certificates or titles of specialization, and a bachelor’s degree may be just a starting point to qualify. Other occupations include health professionals, who may want to apply for a license issued in the state where the candidate may be required to work.

The visa includes religious workers per request of a nonprofit bona fide religious institution established in the U.S. Other eligible professions are those related to architecture, the arts, law and accounting. Every job has specific requirements; it is good to work with attorneys who have gained knowledge through experience guiding petitioners through the process.

What You Should Do After Your H-1B Visa Is Approved

After you were successful in your application, you have to fulfill other administrative steps before you can legalize your entry and stay in the U.S. via an H-1B visa. To have a valid visa, you should also go through the following next steps:

  • Visa stamping or visa endorsement – The process includes the submission of a photo and a DS-160 application form or online nonimmigrant visa application.
  • Payment of required fees and scheduling appointments – The first should be with the Offsite Facilitation Center and the second with the U.S. consulate or embassy.
  • The interview at the consulate or embassy – Here, you should submit your Form-797 (approval notice) granted, documentation of your petition, the labor condition application and employment verification letter, and other documents related to your U.S. employer. You also need to provide documents related to your job and educational background.

If you are in the U.S., you may bring additional personal documents like your electricity bills and other documentation proving your stay in the U.S. The immigration attorneys at ImmigrationLegal.org, in Michigan, are ready to assist you. Whether you want to apply for a first-time or renewal of an H-1B visa, we will help you navigate the complexities and stringent time limits to fill out your application correctly.

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