Applying For The H-1B Visa

An H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant, employment-based visa for those who wish to enter U.S. territory temporarily. It allows U.S. employers to recruit and bring foreign talent with a specialty occupation, renowned fashion models and prospect aliens to cooperate with the Department of Defense (DOD) in research or projects between governments.

Specialty occupation refers to the highly specialized theoretical and practical knowledge an individual possesses and a relevant bachelor’s degree. In addition, applicants should have remarkable achievements in their professional careers and services. The attorneys at, in Michigan, can help you learn if you are eligible for this visa and how to apply.

Legal Assistance Through The Entire Process

After confirming your eligibility for an H-1B visa per criteria listed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the next step is to start your electronic application. If you are a candidate under a specialty occupation category or a fashion model, you should have a certified Form ETA-9035/9035E, Labor Condition Application (LCA) by the Department of Labor. Your potential employer is in charge of this part of the paperwork, which you should include in your Form I-129.

You do not need a labor certificate to apply as a DOD researcher and development worker. Since the work to be performed is a cooperation between governments, you require a verification letter from the project manager you will be working with at the DOD. You will also fill out Form I-129 to start your application process.

The Difference An Attorney Can Make

It is crucial to be aware that there is a limited number of visas under this category. Any error could lead to the denial or delay of a visa, thus affecting your project significantly. An attorney can help employers, agents or foreign private individuals through the application process. Based on their experience, a lawyer can advise you regarding the documentation to submit. If you are an employer, we can also help you substantiate why the specialized knowledge of the potential employee is vital for your project or business.

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