Learning The Requirements To Obtain The EB-1 Visa

An EB-1 visa offers foreign nationals the benefit of residing permanently in the U.S. and continuing with their outstanding contributions. The visa covers professionals from the academic, arts, scientific, athletic and business fields and includes stringent requirements for eligibility.

If you want to learn if you are eligible or need information about the documentation you should submit, a knowledgeable immigration attorney can help you and advise you. Our attorneys at ImmigrationLegal.org, in Royal Oak, have more than 30 combined years of legal experience in immigration law. We craft personalized legal solutions for the various and complex immigration processes our clients face.

Types Of Evidence To Consider When Filing For An EB-1 Visa

After you have determined you meet the eligibility criteria, the next step is to provide evidence of your achievements to prove why you are an extraordinary or outstanding professional. To do so, an applicant should consider the following for their application:

  • Submit evidence that proves your achievements – As a candidate, you may include your affiliation to memberships with admittance based on remarkable achievements. If you received a prestigious and multinational award, please provide this evidence. You can also provide articles, papers or work in general published in reputable magazines, media or other distinguished publications.
  • Prove the impact of your work on your relevant area – The opinion of your work from a respected professional may back up why your work and contributions are important to your relevant field. You may also want to provide complementary information to justify why the opinion of certain professionals is remarkable in your field.

As a foreign national with extraordinary abilities, you may not require a job offer to apply. If you are under an academic or business category, your employer may start the process. To submit your application, you need Form I-140 along with the evidence required. In the case of outstanding professionals with a U.S. employer, the sponsor should file the I-140 form and prove their capacity to pay a salary to the candidate.

The U.S. government has a limited number of visas available every year, which is why it is important to have your application filed correctly on your first attempt. Our lawyers can recommend the type of evidence required to substantiate your application.

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