U.S. government warns about visa preparers

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Immigration

Anyone seeking entry into the United States, or a visa may need assistance to navigate this difficult process. Qualified and experienced attorneys are well-versed in U.S. Immigration Law and can provide valuable assistance.

The U.S. Department of State recently issued a warning about the rising number of third-party preparers or visa service providers who draft fake appointment letters or charge excessive fees for uncomplicated services.

Visa application

The State Department recommends that applicants avoid using visa consultants who offer to improve their odds of visa eligibility by entering false information on visa applications.

False information can disqualify individuals from entry into this country and constitute grounds for permeant visa ineligibility.

Applicants are responsible for all information entered on visa applications. They should ensure that anyone assisting them is entering accurate information. Applicants must review the application before it is submitted, and request and keep a copy of the application and confirmation of direct payment of processing fees.

Email addresses

Visa consultants should not use their email addresses to create and manage applicant appointments. An applicant should use their own email address to create an account and manage their visa application and appointment. Using someone else’s email may cause delays and missed appointments and status updates.

Give your login information or confirmation number to a qualified person assisting you. Free email accounts can be established from a computer or smartphone.

Payment to improve chances

Businesses that advertise that they are visa facilitators and visa application centers make profits by making the visa process seem more complex than it actually is. Visa consultants cannot improve the odds of qualifying for a visa and they have no special insider knowledge or contacts with American embassies.

U.S. consular officers determine eligibility following a visa interview. Do not pay anyone who claims they have contacts that improve the odds of getting a visa.

Knowing someone at the embassy

Knowing an embassy official does not improve the odds of getting a visa. Eligibility is based upon the applicant’s qualifications on the visa application and the interview and U.S. law.


Reporting another person’s fraud does not negatively impact the reporters’ visa application. Protecting this process is a government priority and does not disadvantage anyone making reports.