What is a temporary work visa?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Visas

There are different types of work visas that may be available for workers based on the level of skill their work is considered to involve which can also potentially impact how quickly a work visa can be obtained. Additionally, some visa types permit employment and some do not. For that reason, workers seeking a temporary visa should be familiar with the different types of temporary worker visas.

Temporary worker visa basics

There are several categories of temporary worker visas. Immigration law can help guide those seeking a worker visa. H-1A visas are for nurses to help address a shortage in the field. H-1B visas are for workers with specialized knowledge. H-2 visas are for agricultural workers and other workers for which there is also a shortage of American workers. L-1 visas are a visa type for intra-company transfers. O, P and R work visas may also be available for workers with extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletes or for those who perform religious. Work.

It is important to note that for H-1B visa holders, which are typically for those occupations that are considered professional, that the visa is employer specific. The visa allows the worker to perform a particular job for a particular employer. If they wish to change jobs, the new employer must secure a new H-1B visa covering the employee for the new job. There can also be other possible complexities associated with H visas that workers should also be aware of and potentially prepared for.

Employment-based immigration can be important for many workers but may also be challenging. Because of that, those seeking a worker visa should understand their options and what those options mean for them. Immigration law can help workers navigate all the challenges they face.