More than 1,000 refugees from Afghanistan will come to Michigan

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Refugees

Worldwide challenges inevitably impact immigration. The recent events in Afghanistan have done just that and will result in a relatively significant number of immigrants coming to Michigan immediately with more expected in the future. Since there are different legal aspects of immigration, understanding the law is important for those who are in the United States for any reason, want to stay, work and perhaps bring family members over. Having experienced legal advice may be imperative.

Around 37,000 Afghans will legally come to the United States

With the United States ending its operations in Afghanistan, many Afghan nationals will be relocated across the nation. An estimated 1,300 will settle in Michigan. The programs under which they will legally enter and live in the United States vary. Many are eligible to receive a Special Immigrant Visa. This is for people who worked for the U.S. military for a minimum of one year. It is important to note that their families can also get visas. There are charities in the state that are preparing to help those who are coming to Michigan.

Employment for these nationals is also a concern. Michigan has long been immigrant-friendly leading to many Afghan nationals choosing to settle in the state. In the past year alone, 344 of more than 7,600 refugees ended up in Michigan. It is expected that after this first wave, others will be heading to Michigan. The situation is still in flux as the Afghan operation and the aftermath of its conclusion is dealt with.

Immigration cases require experienced and individual guidance

The circumstances under which people come to the United States. through immigration can be complicated. For these Afghan refugees, fleeing a difficult situation is the priority. In other cases, people are leaving a war-torn country as well. Some simply want to live, work and go to school in the United States. Others are trying to bring family members or a fiancé(e) to the United States Still others are confronted with the possibility of deportation. Regardless of the situation, it is wise to have help with navigating the complicated laws and doing whatever is possible to reach a favorable result. Having assistance with these issues is vital and consulting with professionals who have a history of helping people is a useful first step.