Who can apply for United States citizenship?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Naturalization and Citizenship

Citizenship in the United States is a privilege not all American-born citizens always appreciate. Many immigrants in Michigan and throughout the nation work for years to secure citizenship rights in their adopted country. Whether for a better life or family or any of many other reasons, any immigrants choose to fight for the right to be called an American citizen.

Becoming an American citizen is not an easy process, and not everyone who wishes to become one will be granted that designation. This post does not offer any legal advice but provides some basic information on who many be eligible to apply for United States citizenship. Before beginning the citizenship process, however, individuals are encouraged to speak with committed immigration attorneys.

Requirements for citizenship in the United States

A noncitizen must check a number of boxes before their wish to become an American citizen can be realized. For example, citizenship is generally only available to adults. Family immigration is a somewhat different area of immigration law that readers can talk about with their lawyers.

Additionally, citizenship is usually only granted to individuals who are legally in the United States. Those who hold green cards or who have asylum, and those who have spent at least half of the prior 5 years in the United States may be eligible. Citizenship in the United States for immigrants can also include English proficiency, examinations, assessments of moral character, and other requirements before approval.

How to begin the citizenship process

Becoming an American citizen is a big step and not one that every immigrant is prepared to take without help. It is important that they understand what the process will include and how long it may take to work through the citizenship application process. This information can be sought from an immigration attorney within the individual’s community and from a legal professional who is ready to support and guide them toward their citizenship dreams.